100% Albacore Tuna

Soft Bones & Meat

This delicious meal topper is a fantastic addition to your pet’s meals and is suitable for both cats and dogs. Each can contains 100% wild-caught fish to help balance and improve your pet’s nutrition.

Ingredients: Albacore tuna.




skin and fur


Build Strong

100% Albacore Tuna

Feed your pet nature’s best food, from Canada’s west coast. All Healthy Shores products are packed with premium cut, sustainably sourced fish from the icy waters of the Pacific Northwest.

Mercury Safe

Our sustainably caught albacore tuna contains zero to insignificant trace amount of mercury and is safe for your pet to enjoy eveyday.

The Benefit of Soft Bones

The canning process makes the tuna bones soft enough for your pet to chew so they can get all the health benefits, without the risk of choking.

Highest Levels of Omega-3

A lot of people think Salmon is the fish with the highest amount of Omega-3 fatty acids, but it's actually tuna. Adding more Omega-3's to your pets diet can contribute to skin and coat health, as well as improve a variety of inflammatory conditions.

Raw Diet Approved

Cats/ Dogs should never consume raw fish. However, because our Nootka Pure products contain a single ingredient that is cooked only once, they won't alter your pet's gut biome and can be included in a raw diet

Feed your pet the best nutritious and drool-worthy meals with Healthy Shores.

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