Black Cod (Sablefish)

Liver Pate

This delicious meal topper is a fantastic addition to your pet’s meals and is suitable for both cats and dogs. Each can contains 100% wild-caught fish to help balance and improve your pet’s nutrition.

Ingredients: Black Cod Liver.




skin and fur


Build Strong

100% Black Cod Liver

Feed your pet nature’s best food, from Canada’s west coast. All Healthy Shores products are packed with premium cut, sustainably sourced fish from the icy waters of the Pacific Northwest.

Tastier than Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver has so many health benefits, but a lot of pets hate the taste of Cod Liver Oil. Fortunately, our pate comes with all the benefits of the oil while being way more palatable for your pet.

Great for Nursing Mothers

When nursing mothers add Cod Liver to their diet it improves the fatty acid profile in their milk which promotes optimal brain development in kittens/ puppies

A+ Source of Vitamin A

Cod Liver is great source of Vitamin A which will strengthen your pet's immune system. Vitamin A is also essential for bone and teeth formation.

Improves Night Vision

Because Cod Liver is a Vitamin A rich food, it is essential for a cat's night vision

Feed your pet the best nutritious and drool-worthy supplements with Healthy Shores.

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