Sustainable, Traceable, Premium

Pacific Herring for Adult Dogs

Feed your pet nature’s best food, from Canada’s west coast. All Healthy Shores products are packed with premium cut, sustainably sourced fish from the icy waters of the Pacific Northwest.




skin and fur


Build Strong

85% Pacific Herring

This delicious wet food is made with natural ingredients to ensure your pet gets all of the essential vitamins and minerals to improve their nutrition.

Because Herring has more natural oil than other fish, it can improve your pet's digestion. Herring also promotes a healthy coat and skin.

We recommend Herring as an addition to any pet's diet, but it's especially beneficial if your pet requires a low-calorie meal.

This essential fatty acid promotes normal metabolism and optimal health for your pet. Omega-3's can decrease the risk of heart disease, fight inflammation and may decrease the risk of your pet developing certain types of cancer.

Vitamin D supports healthy cardiovascular and joint function.

Feed your pet the best nutritious and drool-worthy meals with Healthy Shores.

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