About Healthy Shores

As a pet parent, you know your pet deserves nothing but the best, especially when it comes to their nutrition. The shores of the west coast and the wild ingredients available to forage inspired us to develop our pet food so pets can experience nature’s best food from Canada’s west coast. 

Healthy Shores is a division of St. Jean’s Cannery and Smokehouse, which is one of British Columbia’s last remaining seafood canneries. St. Jean’s is widely known for crafting wild seafood products for people since 1961. 

Healthy Shores has a family-first philosophy, just like St. Jean’s founder Armand St. Jean did. Armand knew the power of bringing people together through food, and we believe your pet’s meals should come from ingredients you’d find at your local markets and serve at your own dinner table. 

More than Just Ingredients  

We formulated delicious, complete meals with a Canadian pet nutritionist to meet AAFCO regulation standards to ensure each bite is packed with powerful pacific nutrition from locally caught seafood, ripe fruits, leafy vegetables, and naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. 

Seafood First

All of our products use wild-caught fish as the first and main ingredient. We source our seafood from the cool, clean waters of the Pacific Ocean, and we are Ocean Wise certified for sustainable and ethical sourcing. 

Our products use over 81% human-grade, premium-cut, wild-caught fish that we debone and fillet by hand. We never use soy, wheat, grain, or by-products and do not include any additives or preservatives because your pet deserves the best naturally delicious meals.

Check out our complete ingredient list here. 

Nutritional Properties of a Fish-Based Diet

Research has proven pets need fish in their diet. Wild-caught fish is a high-quality, clean protein which offers high levels of omega-3s and selenium. Seafood is the best protein for animals to develop strong bones and muscles, improve brain, eye and nervous system function, and helps to reduce inflammation and allergies. 

Your pet needs fish. Read about the individual healing and nutritional properties of each seafood species here.

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