Nature's best food from Canada's West Coast

Canada’s superfood for pets. Made by the experts, using the West Coast’s best possible ingredients.

Wild Salmon: 94%

Albacore Tuna: 93%

Pacific Hake: 81%

Pacific Herring: 85%

We source only the highest quality of fish. Our mercury test come back at close to 0 amounts of mercury (0.171 ppm) , way below the FDA standard of 1.0.

Our seafood is sustainably caught in the icy cold waters of the Pacific North-West.

This essential fatty acid promotes normal metabolism and optimal health for your pet.

Quality Ingredients

By using wild seafood as our first and main ingredient, we ensure delicious seafood-based meals, treats, and supplements for pets (and their proud owners).

Wild Caught Seafood

Our seafood ingredients are locally-sourced, Ocean Wise-recommended for sustainability, and traceable right back to the fisher who caught them.

Seafood is a Superfood

High in protein, rich in Omega 3-fatty acids and flavour. Fish is a healthy protein which boosts the immune system, supports brain development, heart health, and joint mobility.

Human Food Facility

Healthy Shores is produced by St. Jean’s Cannery: a federally-inspected human food facility that has been home to seafood processing since 1961.

Sustainable, Traceable, Premium

Wild Caught Canned Seafood for Cats & Dogs

Single ingredient canned supplements for cats and dogs.


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