Nature's best food from Canada's West Coast

Canada’s superfood for pets. Made by the experts, using the West Coast’s best possible ingredients.

Wild Salmon: 94%

Albacore Tuna: 93%

Pacific Hake: 81%

Pacific Herring: 85%

We source only the highest quality of fish. Our mercury test come back at close to 0 amounts of mercury (0.171 ppm) , way below the FDA standard of 1.0.

Our seafood is sustainably caught in the icy cold waters of the Pacific North-West.

This essential fatty acid promotes normal metabolism and optimal health for your pet.

Quality Ingredients

By using wild seafood as our first and main ingredient, we ensure delicious seafood-based meals, treats, and supplements for pets (and their proud owners).

Wild Caught Seafood

Our seafood ingredients are locally-sourced, Ocean Wise-recommended for sustainability, and traceable right back to the fisher who caught them.

Seafood is a Superfood

High in protein, rich in Omega 3-fatty acids and flavour. Fish is a healthy protein which boosts the immune system, supports brain development, heart health, and joint mobility.

Human Food Facility

Healthy Shores is produced by St. Jean’s Cannery: a federally-inspected human food facility that has been home to seafood processing since 1961.

Sustainable, Traceable, Premium

Wild Caught Canned Seafood for Cats & Dogs

Single ingredient canned supplements for cats and dogs.


Healthy Shores!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
August 13, 2021

We just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed Healthy Shores, here at our boarding facility in Louis Creek. We are a discerning Boutique Kennel Facility, and so only the best will do for the dogs in our care!

We have tried all of the different fish proteins and all have been enjoyed to the fullest not only by our guests but our own dogs as well. We have five dogs of our own and 2 cats..ranging in different ages, 2-16 years infact.. Our cats really enjoy the NOOTKA black cod liver ( so do our dogs)..I think the favourite with our dogs was the Pacific Hake and the Albacore Tuna…

We have recommended it to all of our friends and our clients alike. It is not widely available in our area yet but hoping that more pet stores come on board in 2021.

Thank you so much for bringing such a great tinned dog food choice to our pets and being able to have confidence that the product is healthy, tasty and all ingredients are human grade and no fillers!

Chris McKay - Owner of Cam K9 Boarding and Training Centre

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